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 It was a pleasure to have Jessica present the Board Leadership training to our Fifth Third Bank employees. Her experiences, passion and expertise with developing non-profit boards was evident. We appreciated her time and talent!!!
Amina Pierson, Relationship Manager III, Assistant Vice President, Community and Economic Development, Fifth Third Bank, Central Indiana

Working with Jessica White was a joy. Her insight and experience in working with a volunteer board of directors, managing a staff and keeping the Julian Center focused on its objectives made working with her a true pleasure.
 Richard Cockrum, Capital Assets, LLC and chair of the Governance Committee, The Julian Center

As President of The Julian Center board of directors, I have been very pleased with Jessica's accomplishments while she fulfilled the position of Interim Executive Director. Her primary responsibility was to develop internal infrastructure, accountability, and financial stability.

Jessica analyzed our strengths and weaknesses, and quickly developed an action plan to correct. She  right sized the organization, assigned staff to positions that best fit their skill set, and integrated responsibilities for better accountability. She also established KPIs for each management position. Additionally, Jessica made difficult financial and budget decisions that would lead us to a more sustainable operation serving the community.

During her tenure with The Julian Center Jessica has demonstrated her strong leadership abilities. She leads change and innovation, provides clear and strategic direction, and executes with excellence. I am grateful for her efforts and would recommend her services to any and all organizations in need.

Pam Matthews
The Kroger Co. Vice President
President, The Julian Center board of directors

Jessica did a TERRIFIC job as Interim President/CEO of The Julian Center in every aspect of the business. I have been singing her praises to everyone. And the best part is that her leadership has been very inclusive and she has been  the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage. It is capacity building at its best.

- Kim Donahue, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana

We think of Jessica often in terms of her leadership strength, focus and discipline.

- Jack Bebiak, Managing Partner, Greenspire Leader Center, LLC

Jessica was focused, precise and willing to apply her knowledge which demonstrated that she probably has forgotten more about planning and executing processes than most of us will ever learn! We are on our way to vast marketing improvement thanks to her expertise. It was great to have someone with her accomplishments at the table with such an important decision at stake.

- Tom Fodor, MSB, CPM; Executive Director CEO Visiting Nurse Service Foundation, Inc.

Jessica brings professional experience and a heart for the mission at hand to the clients she works with. We are better at Joy's House for working with her and for listening to her guidance and advice. Not only is she amazing as a consultant, but Jessica is a true mentor with the skill to coach and teach along the way. I highly recommend Jessica and her team to any organization who is ready to be stretched and grow.
— Tina McIntosh, President & CEO, Joy’s House

What a pleasure to work with someone with such experience and a real understanding of working within a Christian community!
— Donna Barr, Northview Church of the Brethren Capital Campaign Committee

Jessica's knowledge, experience, and professional guidance allowed us to grow as an organization. Jessica White Associates is excellent in not only fulfilling, but also going above and beyond contractual obligations.
— Carolyn Hansen, Executive Director, Johnson County Health Foundation of Johnson Memorial Hospital

Jessica's willingness to tell us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear, was instrumental in crafting an effective campaign strategy. That strategy has led to a very successful campaign and greatly enhanced visibility for our organization. Jessica has been more than an effective consultant. In many ways, she has demonstrated that she is a friend of the organization!
— Timothy R. Campbell, President/CEO, Volunteers of America Indiana

You really set the standard! Thank you for continually challenging our board to make critical decisions and move in responsible, strategic directions. Your steadfast attention to our work is a lasting gift.
— Peggy McDonald, Board Chair, Prevent Child Abuse Indiana

Above and beyond the call of duty would best summarize Jessica s contribution to our school. She seeks responsibility and accepts accountability for everything that she gets involved with and has been the driving force in helping us through some tough situations. She is an incredible resource. I would highly recommend her and would welcome anyone to call me for further information.
— Bob Taylor, Board Member, Academy Plus

Thank you so much for leading the GIP Board of Advisors through the planning process. You did a great job listening to everyone's comments and helping us synthesize the various points of view.
— Ellen Daniels-Howell, Global Interfaith Partnership

Jessica has a strong background in development; she has worked in both faith-based and secular environments. Through my work with her, I've seen her true passion for clients and the results that passion can bring. I strongly recommend Jessica to a group who seeks fund raising counsel.
— Chip Muston, Vice President of Sales, eTapestry Division, Blackbaud

I regularly recommend Jessica as a fund raiser because of her wide range of work experience. Not only has she successfully raised money for many organizations, but she has also been a business/admin manager so she sees the full picture of organizational sustainability.
— Bryan Orander, President, Charitable Advisors

Our not-for-profit organization hired Jessica as the interim director during a time of great transition and turmoil. The guidance and advice that we received from her, helped the organization turn a corner and begin to thrive again. I would highly recommend Jessica to any organization looking to turn a corner, or make a change.
— Denise Praul, Board Chair, Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis

I used Jessica's services as a consultant in my role as a member of a not-for-profit board. Jessica consistently went the "extra mile" and was instrumental in helping solve some really big problems. I felt that she always had our best interests in mind and made recommendations accordingly. I would strongly recommend her.
— Robert Taylor, CFP

Jessica White is a person of high integrity accomplished in applying good business standards and practices as well as implementing executive, board and program improvements for not-for-profit clients throughout the Midwest.
— Judy Nash, Account Executive, eTapestry Division, Blackbaud

Congregations who have worked with Jessica have all written glowing reviews of her work  hence, it is my pleasure to recommend her.
— Brent Bill, Executive Vice President, Indianapolis Center for Congregations, Inc.

Jessica is smart, savvy and dedicated to her clients.
— Pat Milner, Owner, p milner marketing

Jessica did a great job of helping us refine our focus to attainable goals. She did a particularly good job of analyzing the community's perception of our standing and potential, and helped us put the results in the context of our vision and refined goals.
— John W. Samples, Executive Director, Lighthouse Ministries

After carefully screening several candidates for campaign consultants, our Saint John's Foundation Board selected [Jessica White Associates] to assist us with preparation for a surgery capital campaign. As Foundation Director, I had the pleasure of working with Jessica. Here are some of the qualities of the counsel, which I value highly:

  • Fun to work with - Health care is serious work - life and death. While keeping that in mind, our time together was productive and fun. There was always room for laughter and the energy generated by creation of new, stimulating fundraising plans.
  • Professional expertise - Jessica has a wide range of experiences with a variety of clients. She can offer perspectives and tailor solutions to the specific needs of the client.
  • Big picture in mind - Regularly Jessica tested new plans against organizational and fundraising objectives. She provided several useful suggestions to strengthen the organization, not just the fundraising effort.
  • Candid in a respective way - Jessica [has] a gift for providing difficult feedback or new ideas in a kind way. This respectful but candid approach helped us bring needed information to the table and win support for next steps.

I recommend her highly to others seeking campaign consulting and will hire her again.
— Pam H. Jones, Foundation Director, Saint John's Foundation Director

"Jessica is a pro's pro - she has years of experience but doesn't rest on her laurels, continuing to stay connected throughout the community and keeping tabs on the latest developments. She is caring, honest and committed to a wide variety of non-profit endeavors across Central Indiana. For a trusted partner, look no further."
Alan Archibald ĚDirector at Growing Community

— John W. Samples, Executive Director, Lighthouse Ministries

Jessica presented a thorough, thoughtful recommendation for Dance Kaleidoscope. Not only was her work flawless, but her competitors told us Jessica was a perfect fit for us. To have that level of respect from competitors and colleagues is not to be overlooked. I am thrilled she is now working with Actors Theatre of Indiana.
— Paul Hansen, Marketing Director, Dance Kaleidoscope